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Hello there!
I'm Yihui, a service designer, product designer, and researcher, with a passion for crafting delightful, seamless, and human-centered experiences for people and businesses. 
Previously designed at Truist Bank, Wayfair, and Philips. 

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Yihui Wang is a dynamic and dedicated Human-Centered Designer, specializing in Service Design, Design Research, and Design Strategy. Her unwavering dedication to unraveling complex challenges and shaping seamless solutions at both micro and macro scales enhances user experiences throughout the entire service journey. Possessing a master's degree in Service Design complemented by a foundation in product design, Yihui has extended her design journey through roles at Philips, Wayfair, and Truist Bank. She remains committed to seeking innovative ways to create impactful, meaningful, and memorable experiences through a human-centered design approach.


2019 -2022
Savannah, GA, United States

Bachelor of Arts in Product Design
East China University of Science and Technology

2014 -2018
Shanghai, China


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Resume: Uncover More About Me

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