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My name is Yihui, and I’m an MFA in Service Design at SCAD.

Every day I work towards expanding my definition.

I was born and raised in a seaside city in China, then received a BA degree in Product Design in Shanghai. Most recently I’m living and studying in the small seaside town of Savannah, GA as I pursue an MFA Service Design degree at SCAD.

I’m driven by an insatiable curiosity. I love to question everything, ask questions, and listen to diverse people to satisfy my inquisitive mind.  I’m not afraid to accept unknown things. I enjoy solving mysteries by applying design research methodologies. Additionally, I love to solve a problem from a holistic perspective, but I’m not hesitant to jump in and start strategizing how to tackle it. I believe good design is the solution to the actual problem behind the chaos.

Hello! This is Yihui. 

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