Team & Role
My Role: Research Lead
Research, Concept Development,  Service Mapping, Wireframe & Prototype Design, App Design

Brieana Nestler, Amir Ahmadi, Javier Benavides, Paul Blume, Emma Duffy, Lydia Gutridge, Usman Ibrahim, Yucheng Lin, Shijie Luo, Virginia Montero, Chiyao Lien, Yorlieth Avila

10 Weeks, 2020 Fall 
SCAD Sponsored Course at Deloitte 

1.1 The Challenge

SCAD is collaborating with Deloitte to assist in the research and development of concepts reimagining the online interaction and general framework of the. Gov Site.

1.2 The Solution

Students will examine and improve the user experience in the area of transportation. They will consider various pieces of tech including but not limited to text message, chat, and payment options when looking at virtual visit opportunities specifically for the Department of Motor Vehicles



Our Work Process

While the details of the work I worked on are still under NDA, I'd be happy to chat about more deeply about my experience over email.

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